IC8International Center for 8mm Film (Rowley, MA)
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In other words, there are no loans assigned to IC4, IC7 and IC8, which, nevertheless, include many examples of native nouns.
Neuter kartali-n 'hawk' kartal kindi-n 'the time of nightfall' ikindi poi-n 'height' boy For the same reasons exposed for Heptanesian, IC4, IC7 and IC8 are not found among loans, although many native nouns are inflected according to these inflection classes.
It is important to stress though that the other inflection classes, that is, IC5, IC7 and IC8 are also common in Pontic but they are reserved for native nouns (22), together with IC6:
IC8 votaniazma-n 'gardening' The fact that the dialect excludes loan noun integration from those particular paradigms further supports another language-internal property, already mentioned in 4.1, a tendency to differentiate native nouns from loans by classifying them into different inflection classes.
Com relacao a insuficiencia ou nao-aplicacao das politicas publicas (IC8), o primeiro aspecto (insuficiencia) e incoerente com o cenario nacional, porem e importante destacar a dificuldade para a sua concretizacao.
Foi nitido, porem, o discurso de que acoes na SAN sao desenvolvidas por profissionais ligados ao governo (IC8), mostrando que talvez esse conceito ainda nao esteja efetivamente traduzido em possibilidades de atuacao na area da saude.
tratadas en Diario Posiciona-miento de Navarra Diario de Navarra C8 Diario de Navarra IC8 Weblogs contrarios publica muchas a UPNA informaciones de la UPNA PERCEPCIONES (PPC) Y CONSTATACIONES (CT) DE DIARIO DE NAVARRA CT1 NP UPNA escasa importancia CT2 UPNA mala colaboracion = menor cobertura global CT3 Desencuentro UPNA-Diario de Navarra Estructura burocratica + Dircom PPC2 UPNA favorece a Diario de Noticias CT4 UN buena colaboracion = mayor cobertura global PPC1 UPNA y UN tratadas por igual
Light molecules such as propane, butane or pentane are reacted with isobutane in the presence of a catalyst (either hydrofluoric or sulphuric acid) to produce isoheptane (iC7), isooctane (iC8) or isononane (iC9) respectively which are prime blending components for motor gasoline.