ICAHDIsraeli Committee Against Home Demolitions
ICAHDIsraeli Coalition Against House Demolitions
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Some 14,000 Palestinians lost their residency between 1967 and 2010, with half of those revocations taking place after 2006, ICAHD said.
ICAHD reports that over 24,000 homes in the Occupied Territories have been razed by the IDF since 1967.
Participating organisations: Gush Shalom, Combatants for Peace, Coalition of Women for Peace, ICAHD - The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Bat Shalom, Bat Tzafon for Peace and Equality, Balad, Hadash, Adalah, Tarabut- Hithabrut, Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, AIC - The Alternative Information Center, Psychoactive - Mental Health Workers for Human Rights, ActiveStills, The Students Coalition (Tel Aviv University), New Profile, MachsomWatch, PCATI - The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, Yesh Gvul, Gisha, Local Television on the Internet, Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue, "On the Left Side", and Faculty for Palestinian-Israeli Peace (Israel).
As a result a large part of the work of both B'Tselem and ICAHD is to provide information and campaigns that overcome this ignorance.
The family decided to rebuild their home and, with the help of ICAHD activists, it was finished in August 1998.
Amos Gvirtz, an ICAHD organizer, and Atta Jabber, cousin of Fayez, exchanged head coverings - Israeli hat and Palestinian kaffieh (traditional cloth).
According to the ICAHD Palestinians represent 30% of Jerusalem's population but only reside in 7% of its lands, and are responsible for 40% of tax revenue and receive 8% of its spending.
State Department, including its 1948 consular office in Jerusalem; Amnesty International; authors such as Chris Hedges and Jonathan Cook; Israeli nongovernmental organizations B'Tselem, ICAHD and Zochrot; and other scholars, writers, diplomats and wise observers with deep experience in the region.
Halper, 'The Key to Peace: Dismantling the Matrix of Control', ICAHD.
The announcement comes on the heels of 16 new demolitions in the Jerusalem area this morning, including the home of Salim Shawamreh, an ICAHD spokesperson.