ICAHDIsraeli Committee Against Home Demolitions
ICAHDIsraeli Coalition Against House Demolitions
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Combined with the destruction of Palestinian villages upon the establishment of Israel, and the demolition of Palestinian homes inside Israel itself, ICAHD puts the total number of homes destroyed since 1948 at more than 100,000.
Several human rights organisations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the ICAHD oppose the practice, and argue that it violates international laws against collective punishment, the destruction of private property and the use of force against civilians.
For decades, Halper has been advocating for the human rights of Palestinians and resisting Israel's policies of dispossession in the Occupied Palestinian Territories through ICAHD. An activist, writer and commentator, he's known for coining the concepts of "matrix of control" and "people warehousing" as practiced by Israel on Palestinians in the occupied territories, especially in Gaza.
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ICAHD give educational tours to visitors, explaining the plans of the Israeli regime to, in the regime's words, judaise Jerusalem, and the Jordan Valley, and the Negev Desert.
There are some 300,000 Palestinians residents in East Jerusalem, representing about 35 percent of the city's total population, but ICAHD said that since Israel took control of largely Arab areas it had systematically prevented their development.
Inspired by her university professor at Brighton University who had worked with ICAHD, and having studied the Arab-Israeli dispute in high school, Pipitsouli applied to take part in a two-week scheme to build two houses in the village of Anata located in the West Bank.
It turns out that we're looking at a print of the 1935 Zionist film Awodah, directed by Helmar Lerski, which, according to Edelsztein, was "commissioned to promote the immigration of European Jews to pre-State Israel, hailing agricultural development as a collectivizing epic." Bartana skillfully edited her ICAHD documentation so as to echo the Zionist-socialist-realist style of the Utopian narrative of the historical film.
The ICAHD was also behind rallies in Jerusalem which drew out Jews, Muslims, Christians and secular groups to protest the war.
According to countless human rights watch groups, including Israel's Committee against House Demolitions (ICAHD), Israel claims to be operating a "civil administration" over the Occupied Territories (since 1967) and simply defending itself, but it is indeed carrying out a "matrix of control" policy of varied and diverse tactics.