ICALLIntelligent Computer-Aided Language Learning
ICALLInformational-Communicative Assistance and Lobbing League
ICALLInternational Center for Accelerated Language Learning (Minneapolis, MN)
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The ASR-based ICALL systems have been attracting an increasing amount of interest from researchers and English instructors alike (Kim, 2006; Lu & Jaw, 2010).
Investigating the Selection of Example Sentences for Unknown Target Words in ICALL Reading Texts for L2 German.
OPTION Trap could call on Aston Villa defender Clark CAP ICALL Ciaran Clarke has given Trap further options
The ICALL Plus Unlimited package bundles unlimited local and long-distance telephone with 1.
ICALL this going into hibernation mode and taking caffeine tablets is the worst thing you can do.
The shareholders have given the Board of Directors of Altrex until February 15, 2001, to complete their due diligence work on ICALL and either consummate the transaction or not.