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ICAMIntercellular Adhesion Molecule
ICAMIntegrated Coastal Area Management
ICAMInstitut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers
ICAMIlustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid (Spanish: Bar Association of Madrid)
ICAMIdentity, Credential and Access Management (cyber security; identity management)
ICAMIntegrated Computer Aided Manufacturing
ICAMIntegrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing
ICAMImproved Chemical Agent Monitor
ICAMInterdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics
ICAMI Couldn't Agree More
ICAMIntracellular Adhesion Molecules
ICAMInformation Collection for Automated Mapping
ICAMInternational Conference on Arctic Margins
ICAMInterdisciplinary Computing in the Arts (University of California, San Diego degree program)
ICAMInternational Council for Applied Mineralogy
ICAMInside Channel Account Manager
ICAMIncident Cause Analysis Method
ICAMInstitute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Newark, NJ)
ICAMIntegrated Conditional Access Module
ICAMImproved Cobra Agility and Maneuverability
ICAMIndividual Chemical Agent Monitor
ICAMIllustrated Configuration Audit Manual
ICAMInternational Civil Aircraft Markings
ICAMInternational Confederation of Architectural Museums
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The ICAM development team, consisting of the best analysts across the Air Force, pulled off what many said could not be done," said Gillespie, A9 chief analyst and ICAM development team leader.
Conclusion: Increasing concentrations of serum ICAM can be used as a biomarker of coronary atherosclerosis alleviating the need to employ invasive tests like coronary angiography to confirm the diagnosis.
One significant focus at ICAM has been on developing types of steel that not only have greater mechanical strength but also resist corrosion at higher temperatures and pressures, as the industry taps into deeper basins and more remote areas of the earth.
El area de estudio distribuida en seis zonas hidro-biologicamente comunes, para efectos de identificar el comportamiento del ICAM, en el periodo comprendido entre los anos 2006 a 2009, la variacion temporal y espacial de la pluviosidad, condujo a establecer el mes de febrero como caracteristico de la epoca seca y a octubre el mes representativo de la temporada lluviosa.
Although the ICAM has several components, the centerpiece of the model is an understanding of theory and model and the complementary nature that must be present between the two for a coherent approach in working with a client.
Factory configured with nine (9) wavelengths from UV (365nm) to Red (676nm), ICAM enables absorption measurements over a wide spectrum.
Sequences for the specific primers used in the PCR are VCAM forward primer (5'-CATGACCTGTTCCAGCGAGG3') and reverse primer (5'-CA1TCACGAGGCCACCACTC-3'); ICAM forward primer (5'-GCAAGAAGATAGCCAACCA-3') and reverse primer (5'-TGCCAGTTCCACCCGTTC-3'); E-selectin forward primer (5'-GGTTGAGTGTGATGCTGTGA-3') and reverse primer (5'-GAAGGTGAACTCTCCAGCAG-3'); Fractalkine forward primer (5'-ATCAACAGAACCAGGCATCA-3') and reverse primer (5'-GCCGCCATTTCGAGTTAG-3'); GAPDH forward primer (5'-GACCTGACCTGCCGTCTA-3') and reverse primer (5'-AGGAGTGGGTGTCGCTGT-3').
9V batteries (two per ICAM buzzer and six per AN/VDR-2)
Induction of ICAM 1 by TNF-a, IL-1P & LPS in human endothelial cells after down-regulation of PKC, Am J Physiol, 262: C57-C64.
Contacts: Instituto de Cinema Audiovisual e Multimedia (ICAM, Portuguese Film Institute); Pedro Berhan Da Costa, president, ICAM, Rua S.