ICAMAInterstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
ICAMAInstitute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (est. 1963; China)
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But these sources/manufacturers do not have any ICAMA with purity 95 percent minimum or more which is required by CIB andRC", said the letter.
The registration committee in its 328th meeting held on May 2, 2012, decided that the source of import and the purity of the product imported by M/s Meghmani Organics Ltd, Ahmedabad should be verified from ICAMA through Designated Nodal Authority (DNA) China, DNA India and put up to RC for consideration again.
The first homemade clothianidin formulation is approved by ICAMA in Oct.
With regard to the governments and community authorities and in co-operation with ICAMAS (2), the agricultural organisations said that they would work together over the next few months to establish a concrete partnership programme on both shores of the Mediterranean.