ICAMEInternational Computer Archive of Modern English
ICAMEInternational Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering
ICAMEInternational Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (Asheville, NC)
ICAMEInternational Center for the Advancement of Management Education (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
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ICAME up with this recipe a number of years ago for my cookbook, Heathcotes at Home, and it is still one of my favourites.
Poster presented at the 27th ICAME (International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English) Conference.
of the 5th International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICAME 2011), June 06-08, 2011 S.V.
2004: "Intuition and Annotation: The Discussion Continues." Advances in Corpus Linguistics: Papers from the Twenty-Third International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora (ICAME 23): Goteborg 22-26 May 2002.
Taking advantage of the lull, Icame right out with a resolute clearing of my throat.
Icame to Qatar in 1969 and have seen with my own eyes the progress madeby Qatar, thanks to its wise leadership.
Trade union boss Harry Frew, of UCATT Scotland, said: "There has been an individual who has lost his life, which icame back on land from the towers to learn of a man I knew briefly had died on the road deck after an incident with a crane.
ICAME to boarding school in England when I was 17, having been born and raised in Biafra in Africa.
Icame across recently a publication entitled The New F-word Report, which mildly aroused my curiosity for the three seconds it took to realise that the F-word in question was fibre, and the report wholly devoted to getting at least 80 per cent of us to ingest more of the stuff.
Icame fromastartatgrass rootsto beinginthetop20toda y, and I representavoteforaunityas Ihavebeeninallareasofa greyhound/professional trainerslife.Iunderstandthe problemsthatindividualsface.
The defender said: "Icame here on the basis of I wanted to get some games under my belt at a massive club like Newcastle and see where it takes me.But at the end of the day, my contract here is to the end of the season and I have still got two more years at QPR.