ICAMPInternational Conference on Advanced Materials Processing
ICAMPIncident Cost and Analysis Modeling Project (information technology security)
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ICAMP already has two existing printers that make plastic components, which are great for rapid prototyping in producing temporary parts to determine fit and form.
To accommodate the printer-- which is the size of a small CNC machine--the 8,500-square-foot environs at ICAMP have to be reconfigured this fall to handle a bigger through-put of projects.
Since ICAMP opened its doors in 2013, all of its equipment has been selected by local industrial clients, who sit on the board of directors and corporately sponsor the various labs and meeting spaces.
ICAMP provides companies with the capacity to research new products without having to make an exorbitant investment on specific equipment.
That's a huge part of why ICAMP exists and why it's been successful to date.
In polling clients, the economic impact of ICAMP has been measured in the creation of 57 new manufacturing jobs by their industry partners and clients in 2014, and 16 positions retained.
We thought he would be a good asset to ICAMP," said Tracie Marsh-Fior, the facility's coordinator and the college's dean of trades and technology.
Each piece acquired by ICAMP was done with local industry input.
The ICAMP environs also provides a small 3-D theatre to be utilized for presentations or designing components.
With his shop located just down Seymour Street from ICAMP, Perrin said having easy access to this kind of capacity has the potential to push his 40-employee company forward by leaps and bounds.
At ICAMP, they've made extensive use of the metallurgical testing equipment and a 3D printer for prototyping and modelling.