ICAMSInterdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation (Germany)
ICAMSInternational Campaign Against Mass Surveillance (est. 2005)
ICAMSInternational Conference on Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors
ICAMSInstitute for Computer Applications in Molecular Sciences
ICAMSImmigration Contribution Accountability Measurement System
ICAMSIntegrated Control, Alarm and Monitoring System (shipbuilding)
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ICAMS quickly saw Nexenta as the only solution in the market that could meet its needs.
Tysabri (or natalizumab) binds to an ICAM and blocks its function, thereby stopping activated immune cells from leaving the bloodstream.
* Remember that the ICAM is just the opposite of the ACADA when it comes to testing.
* The ideal distance from what you're checking is 1/2 inch from the ICAM's nozzle.
* Remember to reinstall the nozzle protective cap when you're not using the ICAM. When you're operating, put the cap on the environmental cap at the rear of the ICAM so it won't get lost.
Most units don't use the ICAMs and ACADAs much, so they sit for long periods.
Keep three copies of DA Form 2404s for the ACADAs, ICAMs, and radiac equipment.
Soldiers need to have the TM handy in the field if there are problems, particularly with the ACADA, ICAM and radiac equipment.
If we used the same ICAMs day after day in extreme heat, it would take them as long as 30 minutes to clear instead of the normal 2-3 minutes.
Another tip For operating ICAMs in Iraq is to taKe extra nozzle standoffs.
There is one fewer thing to worry about when it comes to your chemical agent monitors (CAM) and improved chemical agent monitors (ICAM).
As long as the dots disappear within a minute, your ICAM is OK.