ICARDAInternational Center for Agricultural Research In the Dry Areas
ICARDAInternational Centre for Research Into Arid Agriculture (Aleppo, Spain)
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The ICARDA Farms area has been one of the most heavily targeted areas in northwestern Syria, especially in the Aleppo Governorates.
USDA and ICARDA in partnership with Federal and provincial institutions have been successful in introducing new best management practices and technologies for land and water management in Pakistan.
Abdul Majid, Country Director, ICARDA said importance of water lies in how available water resources are used emphasizing that to save the nature, water must be conserved in all consumer sectors.
He appreciated the role of Water Centre of Mehran University for sensitizing and helping the farmers of the region for adopting the modern irrigation systems like drip, sprinkler and other systems under the ICARDA project funded by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S Agency for International Development (USAID).
ICARDA expert Mounir Louhichi told TAP correspondent that the project is funded by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for sustainable development of pastoral space in the forest.
Icarda used to be based in Syria, but because of the civil war the research centre was moved to Morocco and Lebanon.
ICARDA, though it received no state funding, was once known as a darling of the Syrian government.
ICARDA relocated to Morocco and Lebanon and needed to replace the precious store of seeds left behind.
The artillery units also shelled positions of al-Nusra and Jeish al-Fatah in al-Zarbeh, Khan Touman, al-Qarasi, al-Hamira, Me'arateh and ICARDA.
"In conjunction with USAID [US Agency for International Development] and ICARDA [International Centre for Agriculture Research in the Dry Area], the office will produce scientific evidence and build national capacity to raise incomes of the poor in rural areas and improve food and nutrition security in Egypt," the IFPR said in an official statement.
The facility was in news last month when precious seeds, originally sent by the International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) for safeguarding, were safely delivered to Morocco and Lebanon, having undertaken a 10,000km roundtrip.