ICARDAInternational Center for Agricultural Research In the Dry Areas
ICARDAInternational Centre for Research Into Arid Agriculture (Aleppo, Spain)
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USDA and ICARDA are currently collaborating on the Water Dialogue Phase II and the Soil Health and Fertility Phase II programs.
The ICARDA Social Scientist Memoona Khan while addressing the participants of the meeting said that through the collective efforts, the international, national institutions and water experts can play the vital role for the water saving and for better water governance.
ICARDA, though it received no state funding, was once known as a darling of the Syrian government.
ICARDA relocated to Morocco and Lebanon and needed to replace the precious store of seeds left behind.
Each sample will be planted and grown at ICARDA's facilities to provide duplicate seeds, which will be used to re-establish the ICARDA active collection, and also be returned to the Seed Vault for safekeeping.
For his part, ICARDA Assistant Director-General Majd Jamal said the first four-year stage of the food security project, in which five Arab countries took part, has finished, noting that the second stage, involving eight Arab countries, has started.
Michael Baum, director of the biodiversity and integrated gene management program at ICARDA in Syria, believes there may have been a loss of 20-50 percent of Syria's wheat yield, for example.
ICARDA International School of Aleppo, King's Academy (KA), Ministry of Education Au Amman 4th District (MoE 4), Ministry of Education Au Salt District (MoES).
Secretary (East) in the Ministry of External Affairs, Latha Reddy, said that a number of Indian scientists are working at and are closely associated with ICARDA.
Dozens of experts from around 30 countries are taking part in the conference organized by Jordan's Ministry of Agriculture, the National Centre for Agricultural Research and Extension, ICARDA and other partners.
The event, which is being held for the first time in Bahrain, has been organised in co-operation with the ICARDA, under the patronage of Municipalities and Agriculture Minister Dr Juma Al Ka'abi.
The project is following last years distribution and was consulted with ICARDA organization, which takes care of seeds improvement in Afghanistan.