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ICAROInternational Conference on Advances in Radiation Oncology (cancer)
ICAROItalian Computer Antivirus Research Organization
ICAROInteractive Control and Retrieval of Documents (software)
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But Cramond, Icaro's owner, isn't surprised to hear that a horse's face could tell you how it feels.
In this way, the show had the effect of a unique self-portrait unfolding in time and space, moving from intimate snapshots to works that reveal, in no uncertain terms, both the methodological component of Icaro's conceptual path and the constant relationship between memory and gesture in sculpture.
He is the founder and director of Global Icaro (www.
In the new Festivals in Focus section, directors of the Lima, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Morelia, Icaro, Mar del Plata and Valdivia fests will each present one local standout pic.
It was written by Dylan Lee and Icaro Doria, art directed by Guillermo Vega, and directed by Glue Society through Park Pictures.
No intuito de materializacao desses referenciais, o projeto da praca foi destinado, em 1970, ao arquiteto modernista paulista Icaro de Castro Mello, contratado pela administracao do entao prefeito Joao Cioni Neto.