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ICARUSImaging Cosmic and Rare Underground Signal
ICARUSIntegrated Computer Application for Recognizing User Services
ICARUSIncremental Construction and Reuse of Requirements Specifications (ESPRIT Project 2537)
ICARUSIndependent Confidential Aviation Reporting System
ICARUSIntercontinental Aerospace Range Unlimited System
ICARUSInvestigation of Cost and Reliability in Utility Systems
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Once he resigns from the Moscow lab and Fogel helps him flee to the States, damning evidence in hand, Icarus shifts into high gear.
Dani Dias' seven-year-old daughter Ava participated in a Project Icarus workshop.
There's nothing precluding a powered aircraft from the ICARUS program," he said.
Aerial shots, taken by Icarus UAV Ltd, show the extent of disrepair at the Eldon Grove site
Project ICARUS is a GBTA Foundation initiative and is the most widely recognized and respected Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility program within the global business travel and meeting industry.
Just as Icarus believed flight had no limits, many captive agents view independence as a soaring opportunity.
As per the agreement, ADASI will be primarily responsible for sales in the Men and South Asian region and Icarus for the rest of the world.
The crew, approximately 170 people from 26 different countries, live much the life of Varekai's main character, Icarus, who finds himself in an unknown world with the desire for life that leads to an incredible adventure.
Club Icarus is a great choice for anyone who appreciates nuanced, wry, intelligent poetry that finds redemption in steadfast humanity.
Icarus, whose artistic director is Max Lewendel, was founded in 2004.
has added an auto cleaning feature to its G4 ICARUS CS HF carbon and sulfur analyzer, which is used by metalcasting facilities to assess and control the carbon and sulfur content in metal.
Humans have always been fascinated by the idea of flying, and the classical myth of Icarus and his father Daedalus taps into our longing to take to the air.