ICATEInternational Conference on Applied and Theoretical Electrotechnics (electricity symposium)
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The first project explores the ways that teachers assert a "politically correct" conference theory, yet their actions in conferences ind icate they actually hold a deeply embedded sub-theory of the teacher as the authority figure.
The bottom window is the "input window." This is where you type in commands, for example, to commun icate with others, to look at objects or to move from room to room.
Respondents ind icate how uncomfortable they would feel in the portrayed situation; the more uncomfortable they feel, the greater their imaginary audience sensitivity is taken to be.
Ursuline was a little more on the quiet side, as was I, but her boyfriend Sandro, a native of Zurich born and raised, was very vocal in his criticism of the ways in which people in his home town communicate, or don't commun icate, with each other.
Our results for the pure component modeling of R-245fa and R-365mfc ind icate that the SAFT-VR model provides the best thermodynamic description relative to experimental data for both HFC's.
Initial results ind icate that the City of Columbia, MO has no discernable effect on the distribution of monthly precipitation totals.
While these images, some of which are taken in the streets, are no doubt accurate representations of the places that they portrayed, it may be presumed that the locations themselves were carefully selected, not necessarily for their representativity, but rather because they satisfied the themes that the author, an advocate of aggressive assimilation and a vocal critic of the emergence of ethnic ghettos, was trying to commun icate. (16) Such images must be seen to fit within a category of "photography as social work" which was pioneered by figures such as Lewis Hine in the United States in the early century.
Hide added: "I ded- icate this win to my brother, mother and my father."
Per- haps the most curious examples have to do with Richard Price's analysis of promise-keeping as an instance of truthfulness; and Hamilton's con- tribution to syllogistic reasoning through explicitly quantifying the pred- icate of each proposition.
Irimia, "Fuzzy Logic Control of a New Type of Electromagnetic Converter with Rolling Rotor," 12th International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Electricity, ICATE 2014 Craiova, October 23-25, 2014.
The study population was Saudi postgraduate orthodontic students enrolled in two different postgraduate programs; a three-year program of Master of Science in Dentistry and Certif- icate of Specialty in Orthodontics and the second a