ICBGIliac Crest Bone Graft
ICBGInternational Cooperative Biodiversity Groups
ICBGIraqi Company for Bank Guarantees
ICBGIllinois Craft Brewers Guild (est. 1997)
ICBGIdiopathic Calcification of the Basal Ganglia (nerve disorder)
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Current understanding of lumbar spine fusion shows no difference in the fusion rate between ICBG, local autograft, or allograft.
Similarly, when ICBG was used alone, a fusion rate of 96% (90-100%) was calculated across 3 studies and 101 patients.
Currently, meta-analyses and systematic reviews have failed to demonstrate rhBMP-2 to be superior to ICBG in achieving clinical success.
[sup][11] did a prospective cohort study, comparing the fusion performances between allograft and ICBG with 20 patients included in each group.
And finally, discovery programs provided another vehicle for promoting the importance of biodiversity and supporting its protection, an explicit goal of the ICBG programs.
A ICBG presente no tecido adiposo trouxe novo panorama no estudo da obesidade (Leite, Rocha e Brandao-Neto, 2009; Silva e colaboradores, 2009).
Companies need to evaluate their capabilities to tackle risk in terms of social, cultural and psychological factors, added Professor Edward Borodzicz, director of the International Center for Business Resilience (ICBG).
The agreement at the center of Hayden's book is between University of Arizona and Mexico's National Autonomous University under the larger project of the United States government's International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups program (ICBG).
These include public examples of good practice, such as the ICBGs already mentioned, and nongovernmental organizations that publicize cases of suspected "biopiracy." Of course, these existing systems are not perfect; for example, pressure from foreign NGOs led to the downfall of the Maya ICBG project in Mexico, which many commentators regard as having been ethically benign.