ICBHI Couldn't Be Happier
ICBHInstitute of Contemporary British History (UK)
ICBHIslamic Center of Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills, CA)
ICBHInternational Carrier Backhaul
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As previously mentioned, the main purpose of this study is to examine and analyze the role of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ICBH) in the peacebuilding process with a special focus on five different municipalities in East Bosnia.
The ICBH is financed by waqfs (inalienable charitable endowments), membership fees, zakah (a form of alms-giving treated in Islam as a religious obligation), sadaqat al-fitr (a form of alms-giving to the poor during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan), gifts, and revenue from its profit-generating agencies and funds.
As an autonomous organization, the ICBH regulates its own activities independently from state institutions.
The aim of the ICBH is that all of its members should live in conformity with Islamic norms.
Following these principles, the ICBH has undertaken many steps in fostering the processes of reconciliation, tolerance, and peacebuilding in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In its relations with other religious communities and churches, the ICBH is inspired with the Qur'anic teachings on living in peace, justice and kindness with good willing people:
(60:8) Guided by this Qur'anic teaching, the ICBH is ready and open for any kind of dialogue and cooperation with other religious communities/churches.