ICBLInternational Campaign to Ban Landmines
ICBLInvestigative Case-Based Learning (teaching method)
ICBLInstitute for Computer Based Learning (UK)
ICBLInternational Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids (est. 1953)
ICBLInsurance Corporation of Barbados Limited
ICBLIrish Credit Bureau LTD
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Coincidentally, the Forum was founded on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the ICBL and 2017 marks the 20 years of the Ottawa Treaty, for which Canadian diplomats and civil society received much praise.
"According to eyewitness accounts, photographic evidence, and multiple reports, antipersonnel mines have been laid between Myanmar's two major land crossings with Bangladesh, resulting in casualties among Rohingya refugees fleeing government attacks on their homes," the ICBL said in the statement on Friday.
The weighted mean absorption velocities at peak V-band light of a sample of SNe IcBL that included GRB-SNe were found to be 23,800 [+ or -] 9500 km [s.sup.-1] (Fe ii [lambda]5169) by [46] (see as well Table 3).
While 80 percent governments of the world have joined the ICBL campaign to ban landmines, the nuclear neighbours India and Pakistan have not signed the campaign yet.
The ICBL's report hailed record high levels of funding for mine clearance and a dramatic reduction in the number of people killed by the explosive devices over the past decade.
(130) ICBL, Landmine Monitor 2011, released November 23, 2011.
The ICBL consists of hundreds of nongovernmental organizations active in more than 100 countries working to ensure full universalisation and effective implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty.
They add that ICBL partners have been monitoring the situation, although not engaging with the Syrian army directly.
The organization is a member of international campaign to ban landmines (ICBL) and cluster munition coalition (CMC).
(111.) For a complete history of the ICBL and the landmine movement, see www.icbl.org/index.php/icbl/About-Us/History.
In December 2008, an official told the International Campaign to Ban Landmine (ICBL) that, due to the security situation and other priorities, Sri Lanka was not in a position to provide an update, but would endeavor to submit a report, including information on stockpiles during 2009.