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ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICBMInstituto de Ciencias Biomedicas (Spanish: Institute of Biomedical Sciences; Chile)
ICBMInstitut für Chemie und Biologie des Meeres (German: institute for sea chemistry and biology)
ICBMInternational Consortium for Brain Mapping
ICBMIndependent Community Bankers of Minnesota
ICBMIntel Chip Based Mac
ICBMInternational Charismatic Bible Ministries
ICBMInternational Conference on Business and Management (Social Sciences Research Society)
ICBMInter Client Basic Message (AOL's OSCAR protocol)
ICBMInstallation Core Business Model
ICBMInternational Conference on Mobile Business
ICBMIncoming Cash By Mail (direct mail coupons; Columbus, Ohio)
ICBMIrredundant Consecutive Branch Method
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Iran does not currently possess an ICBM capability; however, Tehran continues to prioritize and advance its ballistic missile programs.
Russian missile forces include several thousand ICBMs, and China has 50 to 75.
Hagel has raised the possibility of reconsidering the way ICBM launch crews are tested.
Not every Airman is cut out to be an ICBM launch officer," he said.
He shows how Schriever's vision and strategic thinking ability enabled him to see with absolute clarity the need to develop the ICBM to protect his adopted country from the growing menace of the Soviet Union, in spite of encountering resistance from LeMay at every turn.
And, as we celebrate 50 years of unquestionable ICBM readiness, it's important to acknowledge this rich history.
The ICBM force has formed the bedrock for deterrence since the early 1960s.
These added systems will allow a battlestaff composed of members from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force to send messages to all of America's nuclear forces, including strategic bombers, ICBM missile silos and, of course, submarines," explained Capt.
Iran could test an ICBM around 2005, while most of the intelligence agencies believe Iraq is unlikely to test any long-range ballistic missile that could be a threat to the U.
a provider of advanced technology products and services for the aerospace, information systems and automotive markets, a $215 million contract to begin the full-rate production phase of the ICBM propulsion replacement program (PRP).
A midcourse NMD system (one that attempts to intercept missile warheads as they fall through outer space) of the sort proposed for deployment in Alaska is the most technically mature option and would probably work well enough against emerging ICBM threats to justify limited deployment, assuming that the threat materializes.
sanctions reduce the income Iran devotes to ICBM development.