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ICCDIntensified Charged Coupled Device
ICCDInternational Conference on Computer Design
ICCDInternational Center for Clubhouse Development (New York, NY)
ICCDIntensified Charge-Coupled Device
ICCDInternational Childhood Cancer Day
ICCDInternational Convention to Combat Desertification
ICCDIntensified Customer Concern Definition
ICCDIslamic Center of the Capitol District (Schenectady, New York)
ICCDInterface Coordination Control Drawing
ICCDInstallation Control Center Directive (Replaced Battle Staff Directive BSD)
ICCDInternational Centre for Career Development (Maldives)
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Institutions and groups interested in joining the September 21 simultaneous cleanup, using their own resources, may already inform the DENR's NCR office about their respective plans to participate, said Precious Apostol, one of the agency's 2019 ICCD focal persons.
The Philippines, according to Ray O.Bayson, volunteer leader of the Filipino community in Cyprus, have been regularly placed on the top five countries with most ICCD participants with the country ranking second in 2015.
The ICCD is a day to come together to continue the work to make childhood cancer a national and global child health priority.
He received Best Paper/Design Awards in numerous international conferences including ASP-DAC 1997 and 1998, DAC in 2000, ICSPAT in 1999, ICCD in 1999, and ISQED in 2014.
An ICCD camera (PI-MAX II) was positioned perpendicular to the laser sheet to detect the PLIF signal through the quartz window and an achromatic Bernard-Halle quartz lens (f=+100 mm, f#=2) was mounted in front of the camera.
Fluorescence was recorded using an ICCD camera (PI-MAX 3 with Unigen II photocathode) equipped with a 50-mm Nikkor AF-D f/1.4 objective.
In recent years, the detection power of LIBS was improved due to the instrumental developments of sensitive optical detectors such as intensified charge coupled device (ICCD).
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Such "ICCD" cameras can be quite compact and produce images from very low-light scenes at astonishing rates (for current commercial offerings, see.