ICCDSInternational Conference on Configurable Distributed Systems
ICCDSInternational Centre for China Development Studies (Hong Kong)
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Since the gain of an ICCD depends on the voltage differential between entrance and exit of the micro-channel plate, it can be modulated at extremely high rates (i.e..
These include the small linear range of the sensor (often no greater than a factor of 10), relatively low quantum efficiency (even the latest-generation ICCD cameras have a maximal QE of 50%), spreading of the signal due to the coupling of the intensifier to a CCD in an ICCD, and the possibility of irreversible sensor damage by high-light intensities, which can happen easily and at great financial cost.
ICCD cameras will virtually replace silicon intensified tube cameras in the 1990s.
To make the ICCD camera more cost-effective, the focus is on increasing the reliability and extending the life of the intensifier as well as further enhancing low light capacity through the use of fiber optics.