ICCIEInternational Cultural Creative Industry Expo (China)
ICCIEInternational Center for Captive Insurance Education (est. 2004)
ICCIEInternational Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering
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It is, he says, mainly his responsibility to make professionals working in any way with captive insurance--risk managers, captive owners, lawyers--aware of the designation that ICCIE offers (Associate of Captive Insurance--ACI), as well as the fact that the program means to educate professionals from domiciles all over the world, not just Vermont.
According to Cantor and Lambert, the next step for ICCIE and VCIA will be to make sure the ACI designation becomes a meaningful part of the insurance industry.
The danger of initiating a program like ICCIE, Cantor says, is that the designation it offers won't be relevant to professionals working in the very industry that ICCIE is seeking to serve.
It is fighting this possibility--that the ACI designation could fade quietly into the complexities and vagaries of the captive insurance industry--to which Cantor has dedicated his first months at ICCIE.
The road to the ACI designation requires candidates to complete five core courses and two electives, as well as mandating that they participate in three "hot topic" teleconferences offered through ICCIE or VCIA.
In 2006, in addition to continuing to offer courses online, Cantor says that ICCIE will hit the road, offering face-to-face course opportunities before major conferences in Washington, D.
This recognition by the ICCIE reflects the education, experience, and professionalism of Delawares captive insurance staff.
ICCIEs mission is to be the premier provider of captive insurance education and to offer the pre-eminent professional designation in captive insurance.
Meanwhile, for captive insurance professionals, Lippa's successful bid for the ACI certificate is an important step for captive insurance domiciles all over the world, says ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor.
Lippa's status as the only person with the ACI designation will soon come to an end, however, as more students will graduate from the course over the next few months, according to the ICCIE.