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It is to be noted that the resistor of the proposed filter is connected to the X terminals of multioutput ICCIIs and the capacitor of the proposed filter is connected to the Y and Z terminals.
The proposed circuit has the same advantages reported by [16] using two ICCIIs, two grounded capacitors, and four resistors.
The inverting second-generation current conveyor (ICCII) was proposed by Awad and Soliman [11] and has been found useful in many applications [1215].
Basically, the port relations of an ideal dual-output ICCII (DOICCII), shown in Figure 1, can be given by the matrix equation:
Because each X terminal of the ICCII in the proposed circuit of Figure 3 is directly connected to an external resistor, the effect of parasitic resistance [R.sub.X] can easily be absorbed as a part of the main resistance.
The multiple current outputs of the ICCII are easily obtained by applying current replicas.