ICCJInternational Council of Christians and Jews
ICCJItalian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
ICCJInterfaith Coalition for Compassion and Justice (Arizona)
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In the interest of joining with the ICCJ and the WCC in addressing those concerns, I summarize the negative reactions here.
One director of a centre for interreligious conversation spoke about inviting to his campus Naim Ateek, a Palestinian Anglican who heads the Sabeal Liberation Theology Center and whose numerous problematic comments Michael Kotzin addressed in his talk (at this same ICCJ conference) on "The Continuing Challenge of Anti-Semitism".
The following articles are from the Conferenza ICCJ, Istanbul, giugno 2010:]
15) Jews and Christians in Search of a Common Religious Basis for Contributing towards a Better World, International Council of Christians and Jews, 1993 (hereafter, ICCJ, 1993).