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ICCLInternational Council of Cruise Lines
ICCLIrish Council for Civil Liberties
ICCLI Couldn't Care Less
ICCLIntegrated Communications Cap Lamp (mining)
ICCLInternet Collegiate Chess League
ICCLInternational Center for Christian Leadership (Ukraine)
ICCLInterface Control Configuration List
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The new venture will be formally launched on November 5 when ICCL opens its new office in Amman, the Capital of Jordan.
In 2001, the FDEP, the FCCA, and the ICCL signed a MOU in which the industry members committed to meeting or exceeding the Florida state laws concerning the disposal of wastewater.
La seguridad siempre ha sido una prioridad para las companias de cruceros y por mas de 20 anos hemos tenido el mejor record en la industria", dijo Lindsey Rossman, vocera del ICCL.
The member cruise lines of the ICCL and the rest of the industry have a zero-tolerance policy and routinely report all felonies involving Americans, regardless of whether the ship originates or terminates in the United States.
org, or contact the industry trade association at ICCL, 2111 Wilson Blvd.
Although the International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) has medical guidelines for its 17 member lines based on recommendations from the American College of Emergency Physicians, the ICCL does not enforce these guidelines.
ICCL director Mark Kelly said: "We are confident as more people read their Referendum Commission booklet and think through the implications of this power grab by the Oireachtas, support for Government proposals will continue to plummet.
The adopted environmental mandatory standards are listed on the ICCL website.
Xstrata uses AeroScout's Active RFID technology, integrated into Mine Site Technologies' ImPact Digital Communication System and ICCL cap lamps, to track 200 workers underground, as well as self contained tags based on AeroScout's T2 intrinsically safe tags to track 50 diesel vehicles throughout the mine.
If a member firm of the scheme goes out of business and cannot return your investment instruments or money, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation to the ICCL.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of SSP At Charbatia For ICCL Siding
ICCL director Mark Kelly said: "The passage of this legislation through Dail Eireann truly marks a red-letter day for same-sex couples and their supporters.