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For the first time, ICCMA took advantage of a dedicated call for benchmarks, which is customary in other competitions.
2014; Gebser, Maratea, and Ricca 2017)--but for the first time in the ICCMA competition--we selected instances based on their expected hardness, so as to have a benchmark suite covering a wide variety of expected difficulties.
While we think that future editions of ICCMA should stick to a guided instance selection process as described in this report, the community should aim for benchmarks from real-world domains to be included in future benchmark suites.
The CBC and its junior partners, the local GOP, the local Chamber of Commerce and other businesses, with technical help from the NAHB, were effectively stymied by a status quo protecting coalition led by the local Democratic Party with support from the black community, Charterites, labor, and women's groups, with financial assistance from the ICCMA.
To encourage this line of research, we organised the First International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation (ICCMA), with the intention of assessing and promoting state-of-the-art solvers for abstract argumentation problems, and to identify families of challenging benchmarks for such solvers.
The objective of ICCMA'15 is to allow researchers to compare the performance of different solvers systematically on common benchmarks and rules.
This report summarizes the first ICCMA held in 2015 (ICCMA'15).