ICCMSInternational Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation
ICCMSIntegrated Client and Case Management System (software)
ICCMSInternational Conference on Computational Mechanics and Simulation
ICCMSInternational Conference in Communication and Media Studies
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Verification and optimization of work productivity at technological line for processing of worn tyres to rubbery grit, Proceedings of ICCMS, ISBN 978-1-4244-9241-1, pp.
Prepared as a record of contributions presented at the January 2010 ICCMS conference (which is held annually), this four-volume set contains approximately 150 high-level technical papers.
The ICCMS 2009 held on February 20-22 brought together scientists, engineers, and practitioners from academia and industry to share their work and new ideas in the field of computer modeling and simulation.