ICCMSInternational Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation
ICCMSIntegrated Client and Case Management System (software)
ICCMSInternational Conference on Computational Mechanics and Simulation
ICCMSInternational Conference in Communication and Media Studies
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Werner, Dietrich, "On the Ecumenical Role, Missionary Potential and Strategic Tasks of International Communities of Churches in Mission (ICCMs)", ibid.
Once multiple mappings begin to occur, the relations between the components of the mappings become more abstract so that it is the structure of the relations that is seen to be the same or be "isomorphic" (having identical form), and mapping occurs at the systems or schema level, drawing on the knowledge domains of ICCMs. Most critical analyses of literature involve systems or schema mapping.
Finally, cognitive linguistics integrates different literary approaches by showing how they make use of cognitive mapping strategies across ICCMs in exploring the conceptual processes of the writer, reader, and text.
These are often referred to as idealized cognitive cultural models (ICCMs).
(1) The notions of "God" and "Heaven" in Dickinson's poetry, for example, depend on a cognitive model that is Christian and Protestant, a cultural model that situates the poems in nineteenth-century Puritan New England, and Dickinson's individual stance toward that idealized cognitive cultural model (ICCM).
The knowledge domains from which this passage is constructed constitute a rich ICCM that includes biblical, historical, and linguistic allusion, the power of beauty and eloquence, and philosophical attitudes toward divinity, art, and reality.
(6) In this double hierarchy schema, the divine creation space draws on the ICCM that the deity is ultimate artist, creating what is most noble and most powerful.
Li, "Mass property estimation for mated flight control," in Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (ICCMS '09), pp.
The ICCMS 2009 held on February 20-22 brought together scientists, engineers, and practitioners from academia and industry to share their work and new ideas in the field of computer modeling and simulation.