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In this context, the editions of trios and quartets published by ICCMU deserve a closer look, since they will probably set the trend for future publications of Brunetti's music: Lluis Bertran Xirau's volume dedicated to string trios, including twelve works (L.
La cancion lirica espanola en el siglo XIX, Madrid, ICCMU, 1997, pp.
She also draws from important works by Celsa Alonso, such as his La cancion lirica espanola en el siglo XIX (Madrid: Ediciones del ICCMU, 1998) and entries in the Diccionario de la musica espanola e hispanoamericana (Madrid: Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, 1999-2002).
Moreover, I have suggested in the foreword to the modern edition (Madrid: ICCMU, 2001, pp.