ICCNInternational Conference on Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
ICCNInternational Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics
ICCNInterfaith Climate Change Network
ICCNIndiana Classic Car Network
ICCNInternational Center on Conflict and Negotiation
ICCNInner City Computer Network
ICCNIntercultural Conflict, Communication and Negotiation (Netherlands)
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"For the moment the (ICCN) cannot communicate much about the incident because the hostages are still in captivity.
Koolagudi, "Closed Item-Set Mining for Prediction of Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall A Data Mining Model with Land and Ocean Variables as Predictors," in Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Communication Networks, ICCN 2015, pp.
Ja em 2001, com a criacao do Programa Bolsa Alimentacao o ICCN foi substituido e ampliado, uma vez que os municipios que aderiam ao Programa deixavam de receber o recurso do Incentivo ao Combate a Carencia Nutricional.
The research was conducted by University of Georgia, University of Maryland, the Wildlife Conservation Society, ICCN (Congolese Wildlife Authority), African Wildlife Foundation, Zoological Society of Milwaukee, World Wildlife Fund, Max Planck Institute, Lukuru Foundation, University of Stirling, Kyoto University, and other groups.
The Participation of Beit Sahour Municipality in that conference comes after being approved as a member of the ICCN International Organization last year, on the sidelines of the conference the delegation met with the President of Croatia , Mr.
organizations, such as: International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN; Georgia); Freedom of Information Foundation (Russia);
It is possible that this first experience of direct income transfer, which originated in the transformation of previous experiences of other kinds of transfers--Milk is Health Program (PLS) and Malnutrition Combat Incentive (ICCN)--had directly influenced the understanding and performance of health professionals.
In addition to this, content will be regularly added from other key congresses throughout the year including EBMT, ISHAM and ICCN. This resource is available at http://www.epgonline.org/anti-infectives-knowledge-network/index.cfm.
This year, the Foundation's annual Bridging Cancer Care Grantee Summit coincides with the International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN) in Prague, Czech Republic.
Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) and receives vital funding from the European
Milieudefensie, Greenpeace Netherlands, ICCO, ICCN Netherlands Committee, NCIV, and WWF
In 2000, the ICCN staff confiscated leopard skin at Mondjoko from professional commercial traders particularly searching for leopard skins, a fact confirmed by Draulans and Krunkelsven (2002).