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ICCTInternational Council on Clean Transportation
ICCTInternational Conference on Communication Technology
ICCTInternational Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics
ICCTInternational Climate Change Taskforce
ICCTIncident Community Coordination Team (US FEMA)
ICCTInternational Catamaran Challenge Trophy (yacht racing)
ICCTIowa City Community Theatre
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Naturally aspirated gasoline engines and cylinder deactivation", ICCT WORKING PAPER 2016-12
The WLTP: How a new test procedure for cars will affect fuel consumption values in the EU", ICCT, Working Paper- 9, 2014.
For example, see Alex Schmid, "Challenging the Narrative of the "Islamic State',' ICCT, (2015).
ICCT contracted with West Virginia University to do the actual road tests, which were anticipated to provide data on how diesels can be both fuel-efficient and low-emitting.
Como los otros expertos consultados por la corresponsal, los del ICCT insisten en la diversidad de perfiles de las yihadistas europeas y de sus motivaciones.
The study by the ICCT - the same group that uncovered VW's manipulation of diesel nitrogen oxide emission tests, also found that the share of CO 2 emissions from trucks was growing in the EU.
Sivak's findings could be misleading, says Dan Rutherford, an aviation analyst at the ICCT, because they're based on fuel efficiency data for US passenger aircraft and cars during an average trip, which is nine miles for cars but more than 900 miles for planes.
He added that the ICCT report published in October last year "did not identify the vehicles tested".
He said the ICCT report "did not identify the vehicles tested" and denied it indicated low emissions might be due to the use of a "defeat device".
15 Number of cars ICCT claim emit pollutants at seven times legal limit After this, there can be little faith in the DFT's response LILIAN GREENWOOD on report revelations
emitted fewer pollutants than cars sold elsewhere because they had to meet tougher standards, ICCT officials told Reuters on Monday.
At his meeting Tuesday with Prime Minister Habib Essid, the Director of ITES said he had informed the PM of the forthcoming visit of the ICCT Director and the Institute's counter-terrorism programme.