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ICDImplantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
ICDInternational Classification of Diseases
ICDIED (Intelligent Electronic Device) Capability Description
ICDInstitute of Corporate Directors
ICDIn-Circuit Debugger
ICDInternational Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems
ICDInterface Control Document
ICDImpulse Control Disorder (psychology)
ICDInland Container Depot
ICDInternational Code Designator
ICDInitial Capabilities Document
ICDInternational College of Dentists
ICDInjuries and Causes of Death
ICDInstallable Client Driver (OpenGL)
ICDIndian Creek Designs
ICDIsocitrate Dehydrogenase
ICDInformed Consent Document
ICDImplanted Cardiac Defibrillator
ICDInland Clearance Depot
ICDInterface Control Drawing
ICDInterface Control Documentation
ICDImplantable Cardioverter Device
ICDIndustry Council for Development (UK)
ICDInterconnect Devices
ICDInstitutes, Centers, and Divisions (US NIH)
ICDImmune Complex Dissociated
ICDInteratomic Coulombic Decay
ICDInternet Call Diversion
ICDImprovised Chemical Device
ICDInternational Cooperation and Development Program (USDA)
ICDInternet Call Display
ICDImitative Communication(s) Deception
ICDInternational Common Denomination (medicines)
ICDInternational Container Depot (India)
ICDIntermittent Compression Device (venous thrombosis treatment)
ICDInitial Conceptual Design
ICDInstallation Control Drawing
ICDImage Creative Design (UK)
ICDInterface Control Diagram
ICDAssociation Internationale des Maîtres Coiffeurs de Dames
ICDInput Configuration Document
ICDIntelligent Call Delivery
ICDInitial Communications Deception
ICDInheritance Contractual Dependency
ICDIntegrated Communication Device
ICDInline Cache Database
ICDFundación Instituto de Cooperación al Desarrollo
ICDInterconnect Drawing
ICDIndustrial Council for Development
ICDInterim Conceptual Design
ICDInternal Computerized Device
ICDInstallation Control Document
ICDInterim Capability Document
ICDIsraelis for Constitutional Democracy
ICDInternational Convention on Desertification (signed 1994)
ICDInterim Checkout Device
ICDInternational Cooperative Division
ICDInscribed Circular Diameter (civil enginnering)
ICDIntegrated Circuits and Devices
ICDImage Capture and Display
ICDInstitute of Child Development (various locations)
ICDInvestment Corporation of Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
ICDImport Customs Duty (various locations)
ICDiCube Development
ICDInternational Community Development (various locations)
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Though the disorders in the DSM and the ICD match fairly well in many places, they don't match perfectly.
But because the ICD code numbers are revised annually, there is a chance that new code numbers will be added that will more closely mirror these new DSM-5 disorders.
Eligible companies are private sector firms in ICD African member countries and the modes of financing include Murabaha between the bank and ICD, provided that the financing between ICD and the investors is in any other Islamic mode such as Ijara, installment sale or Murabaha.
Once owning the materials or assets, the bank sells them to ICD at the cost price plus a mark up.
Khaled Al Aboodi said the agreement will strengthen and deepen the ICD s relationship with its non-traditional partners from the Pacific region such as BTMUM especially to promote cross-border investment in the ICD member countries and sharing of Islamic finance knowledge and expertise.
Japan has shown growing interest to further develop its Islamic finance industry with the signing of today s MoU between ICD and BTMUM.
The ICD and TPM address three integral areas of interest for communications' providers who construct AdvancedTCA platforms - thermal, manageability and data transport.
With the release of the ICD and TPM, CP-TA provides a consistent methodology for interoperability testing that has been needed in the industry.
The ads, themed "What's Inside," show the link between medical device technology and the benefits people can experience by living with ICD therapy.
The right treatment - in many cases ICD therapy, as supported by current medical guidelines - provides peace of mind knowing that if you experience SCA, you will likely survive.
Rosenbaum, the study's senior author and director of the MetroHealth Heart and Vascular Center, said, "The current test used to identify patients at risk for SCD who might benefit from ICD therapy has significant limitations.