ICD-9CMInternational Classification of Disease 9th Clinical Modification
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CABG patients were identified using ICD-9CM procedure codes 36.10-36.19, resulting in 2,007,807 total CABG admissions.
As with other population-based studies, we relied on ICD-9CM codes to determine some of our outcomes.
These deaths were identified by a previously constructed algorithm of ICD-9CM codes and birth certificate data.
Cardiovascular outcomes were identified with the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease with ICD-9-CM codes 410-414, stroke with ICD-9CM codes 430-438, and peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) with ICD-9CM codes 443.9).
ICD-9CM coding slots for up to 30 diagnoses and 21 procedures are available for each patient record in the California SID.
The second version used the date stamp associated with each ICD-9-CM code to determine whether an ICD-9CM code represented a preexisting condition (date stamp version).
In order to select among the anatomically specific alternative codes, the body system of the ICD-9CM code reported as the principal diagnosis is used to select the best possible translation alternative.
The text does an excellent job of discussing coding with overviews of ICD-9CM, HCPCS, and CPT.
The US's clinical modification of ICD-9, called the ICD-9CM, includes codes that refer to diseases and clinical states.
The rule also mandates use of various medical code sets, including the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Clinical Revision (ICD-9CM) and Physician Current Procedural Terminology (CPT-4).
aureus-positive cultures obtained during an outpatient visit for which the patient was subsequently hospitalized within a 72-hour period after culture, we collected the outpatient and hospital discharge ICD-9CM codes.
Modification (ICD-9CM; World Health Organization 2004), code 428] and asthma (ICD-9CM, code 493) for each census block group for the years 2010 and 2001.