ICDASInternational Caries Detection and Assessment System (dentistry)
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The ICDAS has two main variants which are full ICDAS and modified ICDAS, and both variants differ in terms of caries classification codes.
* To examine the pattern of dental caries in English children by measuring tooth decay on the basis of ICDAS codes, reported health behaviours which include frequency of tooth brushing and consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and deprivation level of the children measured using the England Index of Multiple Quintile based on the home postcodes of the children.
According to studies, ICDAS gives reliable and accurate results in identification of early caries lesions and changes taking place in the long term (4).
Patients were divided into two groups: a noncavitated group with initial tooth decay (ICDAS 1-2; n = 97, average age: 4.64 [+ or -] 0.77 years, including 47 females aged 4.68 [+ or -] 0.91 years and 50 males aged 4.6 [+ or -] 0.61 years) and a cavitated group with extensive decay (ICDAS 5-6; n = 46, average age: 4.52 [+ or -] 0.75 years, including 20 females aged 4.75 [+ or -] 0.85 years and 26 males aged 4.35 [+ or -] 0.63 years).
ICDAS Foundation; 2014:1-84 Disponible en: https://www.icdas.org/uploads/ICCMS-Guide_Full_Guide_With_Appendices_UK.pdf.
Entre los metodos utilizados se encuentran: un metodo de evaluacion visual, encarnado en el Sistema Internacional de Deteccion y Valoracion de Caries (icdas [International Caries Detection and Asessment System]); el Indice Significativo de Caries Dental (sic [Significant Caries Index]); el Indice COP (dientes cariados, obturados y/o perdidos [dmft, por las siglas en ingles Index: decayed, missing and filled teeth]).
The results were recorded with ICDAS after 6 months and one year.