ICDDInternational Center for Diffraction Data
ICDDIllinois Council on Developmental Disabilities
ICDDIdaho Council on Developmental Disabilities
ICDDInstitute for Civic Discourse and Democracy (Kansas State University; Manhattan, KS)
ICDDInterface Control/Design Document
ICDDIntercellular Contact-Dependent Depolarization
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Dr Andreas Burkert said the ICDD was promoting interdisciplinary knowledge generation and working on income opportunities in rural and urban regions of developing countries.
Oil 16 Cordierite DPF Substrate 4 2 5 Oxides Engine Oil 6 4 13 Sulfides Engine Oil 8 5 PGM (Oxides) DPF Washcoat 3 ** Densities of model compounds from ICDD database
With the issue forums, participants voluntarily attended in response to publicity generated by ICDD.
A comparison of the diffractograms with the ICDD database using search/match software could reveal the chemical structure of each of the selected brands.
The measured X-ray peak intensities for the paint samples were compared with the known peak intensities of minerals and paint pigments from the ICDD database to determine the crystalline phases in the paint.
This peak is identified as FePrO3 (iron praseodymium oxide) matched with ICDD PDF # 39-1489.
Qualitative phase analysis and determination of the lattice parameters and crystal size were done using the PDXL Qualitative Analysis program package and the database of ICDD (PDF 2008).
The availability of standard reference patterns in crystallographic data bases (such as the PDF, the ICSD, and the MSD) for characterizing phases present in the system as well as for potential interaction products of film with substrate in the ICDD and ICSD data bases is extremely important for the interpretation of phase assemblages.
The synthetic zeolite pellets are composed by potassium-sodium zeolite type A (ICDD PDF 76-6495), nepheline (ICDD PDF 78-8388) and leucite (1: ICDD PDF 13-2785 and 2: ICDD PDF 06-5428).