ICDIMInternational Conference on Digital Information Management
ICDIMInternational Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials
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Following are the respected members of the ICDIM 2014 program committee:
All the accepted papers of ICDIM 2013 will appear in the proceedings published by IEEE.
All paper of ICDIM 2013 will be fully indexed by IEEE Xplore.
Due to the fact that the ICDIM took place for the first time, a manageable amount of participants (up to 200) attended this conference and which, in addition to the scientific sessions, offered a number of workshops and tutorial sessions.
The ICDIM corpus consists of the scientific papers from the conference proceedings, excluding the papers from the workshops.
We analyze the first cluster with the nine documents more briefly, to verify if our method generates comparable results with what was done by the organizers of the ICDIM.