ICDRInternational Centre for Dispute Resolution (American Arbitration Association)
ICDRInteragency Committee on Disability Research
ICDRInternal Critical Design Review
ICDRInterim Conceptual Design Report
ICDRInstallation Control Drawing Report
ICDRIntermediate Critical Design Review
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The provision for a sole arbitrator is also provided for in the SCC and the ICDR Rules, even when the parties have agreed otherwise.
Consider inserting following ICDR Model Confidentiality Clause:
The next difficulty is one of interpretation: what if the aforementioned interpretation of the record date provision of the ICDR Regulations meets regulatory hurdles?
9-11: Conference: International Crime Reduction; ICDR Intercultural & Community Development Resources Inc.
Similarly, the ICDR arbitrated a caseload in 2001 worth more than $10 billion involving parties from 63 countries across the globe (ICDR 2002).
While the ICDR is concerned about issues pertaining to all people with disabilities, Peterson continued, a two-day conference does not allow time to fully explore and develop recommendations for each disability area.
ICDR is a division of the American Arbitration Association.
According to a press release from the Education Department, "The ICDR Web site will serve as a catalyst for information sharing and be a source for recommendations to the president and Congress on policy and priorities related to disability and rehabilitation research.
the AAA, ICDR and HMAA panels of arbitrators and serves as arbitrator in
Sebi has proposed to amend Sebi ( Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009 ( ICDR Regulations) to enhance the limit prescribed for defining a retail individual investor ( RII) in a public issue from the existing ` 1 lakh to ` 2 lakh, in a paper issued for comments.
The AAA-ICDR is honoured to assist the Kingdom of Bahrain in its efforts to use arbitration and mediation to further enhance and modernise the justice system in Bahrain and the Gulf," said ICDR senior vice-president-Europe, Middle East and Africa Mark Appel.