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ICDSIntegrated Child Development Services (India)
ICDSIntegrated Child Development Scheme
ICDSInternational Conference on Dynamical Systems
ICDSIntegrated Cockpit Display System (Sagem Avionics, Inc.)
ICDSInstitute of Chemical Dependency Studies (Round Rock, TX)
ICDSIbn Khaldun Center for Development Studies (Cairo, Egypt; est. 1988)
ICDSInternational Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
ICDSInternational Conference on the Digital Society
ICDSInterface Circuit Data Sheet (Cassini Plasma Spectrometer)
ICDSIntegrated Chemical Defense System
ICDSIndustry Common Data Server (Bell Corporation)
ICDSInternal Cable Distribution System
ICDSImproved Combat Direction System
ICDSInteroffice Connecting Digital Span
ICDSIntelligence Communications Distribution System
ICDSIndustrial Council for Development Services
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Patients were followed up annually up to five years to examine the longitudinal dose-effect correlation between dopamine replacement therapy and ICDs. During face-to-face semi-structured interviews with movement disorder specialists, ICDs were evaluated.
Many of the health problems in children can be detected at an early stage by ICDS scheme through regular monitoring.
Medical company Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) reported on Wednesday the receipt of the CE (Conformite Europeenne) Mark for the Visia AF and Visia AF MRI SureScan single-chamber implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) that can detect and monitor new onset, asymptomatic, and previously undiagnosed atrial fibrillation (AF).
ICDs include small generators implanted under the skin in the chest and thin, flexible leads that extend to the heart.
While ICDs deliver lifesaving therapy to patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest, Sorin's concern is that inappropriate shocks still occur too frequently and negatively impact patients' quality of life.
Tirath, who launched the World Bank assisted ICDS Systems Strengthening and Nutrition Improvement Project (ISSNIP) here, said that the Women and Child Development Ministry has taken several measures recently to strengthen the programme management, planning and monitoring of ICDS with introduction of revised MIS, and the 5-tier monitoring and supervision committee with representation of People's representatives (MLAs/MPs/PRI Members) to review the progress in ICDS at different levels.
How ICDs work In VF, the heart's lower chambers--the ventricles--quiver uncontrollably, prohibiting blood from being pumped from the heart to the rest of the body.
Their study is the first large-scale, prospective study to assess risk factors for the development and resolution of ICDs at two time points.
Governance factors related to the disclosure of ICDs
Weintraub, which demonstrated that ICDs are relatively common in the setting of Parkinson's disease, being present in one in six patients.
Z009;24:1461-7), which showed that a shortened version--the QUip-s--containing 13 yes/no questions had a 94% sensitivity for detection of ICDs, nearly equal to that of the full 30-question version.
document the determinants of ICDs for a broad cross-section of SEC registrants during a regulatory regime where the reporting of internal control problems was in a state of transition and largely voluntary.