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ICDTInternational Conference on Database Theory
ICDTInternational Centre for Democratic Transition (Budapest, Hungary)
ICDTIslamic Centre for Development of Trade
ICDTIntegrated Capabilities Development Team (US Army)
ICDTInter-Component Data Transfer
ICDTInternational Conference on Digital Communications
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Table 1: Duration on intercostal drainage tube required and time required for complete expansion of lung Ethology Time required for lung Average expansion with ICDT (in (in days) weeks) <1 1-2 2-3 4 >4 Tuberculosis 6 14 4 8 2 13.
Before the establishment of the ICDT, the WMD-CST community had developed a sense of independence from rigid, stovepiped DOD processes.
While this amount may be sufficient for developing lower-order technologies (information and communication space in the ICDT model), it is not adequate for high-order technologies (distribution and transaction space in the ICDT model; Kozak 2002).
Carreno Varela, Bernardo, "Aspectos tributarios de la descentralizacion y los finanzas publicas", en III Encuentro de Profesores de Derecho Tributario y Hacienda Publica, Bogota, ICDT, 1996.
The hypothesis is that these slopes will have a negative mean, as a consequence of the normal age-related decline in BMD, if ICDT is ineffective.
of abstract and paper (15 double-spaced pages) to Program Co-Chair, Serge Abiteboul, ICDT 90, INRIA, Domaine de Voluceau, Rocquencourt, B.
While discussing the trade relations among the Muslim countries, he referred the report of ICDT and said that according to this report the main obstacles to the development of intra-OIC exports are the cost of developing new market, foreign exchange risks, the cost or supply of labour, regulation of foreign government, the collection of information on member states markets getting licenses or bonds and local partners.
ICDT and Abdominal drain was put, removed on post operative 5th day.
As per the agreement, ICDT will play a key role in assisting member states in participating in Halal Food Middle East and disseminating information regarding the fair and the opportunities it offers.
Based in Morocco, ICDT, which stems from the OIC, organises several training sessions in various fields for the benefit of the Organisation's member states.
To compliment the CJ capabilities the FSPO, under the auspices of the Army IED-D ICDT, has developed an initiative to sense, analyze and share real time spectrum usage for the BCT and above spectrum manager.
The Army Capabilities Integration Center, Fort Monroe, Virginia, signed the ICDT charter for CWMD in April 2008, though significant work had begun as early as October 2007.