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Around 200 kg of ice-cream was hung a hook in front of the company branch located Trabzon Boulevard of central KahramanmaraE-.
The residents of many other areas including sectors F-6, G-7, G-9, G-11, of the federal capital and other areas of Rawalpindi said that the vendors sell the substandard ice-cream in their streets.
Luxury farmhouse ice-cream home-made in small batches.
THERE can't be many more desirable treats on a hot summer's day than a bowl of ice-cream. And if it's homemade, it really is a luxurious indulgence.
"Small ice crystals give ice cream a smooth texture," says Bruce Tharp, a dairy scientist and ice-cream industry consultant.
The study, which surveyed 800 Italian ice cream parlors, also found that there are more ice-cream lovers in the north than the south of Italy; that takeaway sales of traditional ice cream rose 20% over the last year; and ice cream makers are returning to traditional favorites like vanilla and chocolate and also offering more diet and allergy-friendly products.
Like many local entrepreneurs who sold their companies only a few years ago, the ice-cream duo is back.
I have tasted the original Eskimo Pie as an ice-cream bar packaged in silver foil as well as the later version on a wooden stick.
Within this history, the creation and success of the Ice Cream Alliance is presented, and statistically based evidence provided of the habits through the years of British ice-cream eaters and consumers.
Transfer to an ice-cream machine and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.
In the last five years, spending on ice-cream in Britain has risen by 53 per cent.