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ICE-TIntercity Express Tilting (German railways)
ICE-TIndicated Calibrated Equivalent - True airspeed (aviation)
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A letter from the NMHH authority, published on the radio's website, said it opened its investigation in September after the radio ran Ice-T's "Warning, it's on" that month at 1730 local.
I snapped out of it eventually, when the stark (to say the least) contrast between Ice-T's CD cover - showing him with a sub-machine gun and a bikini clad woman - and my peach-coloured bedroom in my parents' house, hit home.
Though I can easily recite all the words to Ice-T's hit "Colors," I was less familiar with the groundbreaking work of his early-'90s rap-metal side project Body Count, that is, until I got to hear it several times a day.
George Bush and Dan Quayle denounce Ice-T's "Cop Killer" single, while Bill Clinton rips Sister Souljah for her justification of the L.A.
A "rapper" called Ice-T has released a song about the OJ Simpson trial, whose accompanying video features images of gloves, gleaming knives and a ski mask.
Another unexpected flare of shareholder activism came in 1992, when Sire/Time Warner released rapper Ice-T's "Body Count" album, with the song "Cop Killer." There was a national outcry.
Similarly, rap songs like "Gangsta, Gangsta" and "Dopeman" by NWA and "Drama" by Ice-T tell of the thrill and easy money offered by a life of crime.
They point to Ice-T's controversial CD Body Count, which contained the song "Cop Killer."
With such musical claims-to-fame as 2 Live Crew, Sister Souljah, and Ice-T, what else could rap stand for?
With the controversy over Ice-T and his band Body Count's song "Cop Killer" in full swing, Sheila James Kuehl weighed in on rap and censorship.
* Iran-Contra figure Oliver North and Florida attorney Jack Thompson, for harassment against musicians and record companies over Ice-T's song "Cop Killer" and other music with messages they dislike;
Just a week after Ice-T's wife Coco Austin attempted to put a lid on the rumors surrounding the flirtatious photos she took with rapper AP.9, AP.9 is pushing the scandal even further by declaring he had unprotected sex with the reality star.