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ICEAInsulated Cable Engineers Association
ICEAInternational Childbirth Education Association
ICEAInvestigación Cooperativa Entre Entidades Aseguradoras (Spain)
ICEAInternational Center for Environmental Arts (est. 1987)
ICEAInternational Community Education Association
ICEAIowa Council for Early ACCESS
ICEAIntegrated Clinical Event Analysis (QinetiQ)
ICEAInteractive Computing Education Association (Hong Kong)
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First, ICEA will streamline our various programs and improve our certification process.
A los tres cables se les efectuaron pruebas segun lo especificado en las normas ICEA T-24-380 e IEC 840.
The association's success and current status are results of her tireless dedication to ICEA and our mission.
After completion of these transactions, ICBC and BEA would continue to cooperate in the operations and management of BEA Canada, whilst ICEA would become a wholly-owned subsidiary of BEA.
Mohawk, an ISO 9001 certified company, develops products to meet and support TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC, ICEA and NEMA standards.
When I stepped onto the ICEA Presidential Path on January i, 2015, I knew that there would be significant challenges and difficulties.
Limited, with ICEA Securities Asia Limited ("Placing Agreement") and a subscription agreement with Man Sang International Limited ("Subscription Agreement").
The book can also be used as a reference and is an asset for ICEA readers.
ICEA 2005 International Convention: Celebrating 45 Years of Excellence in Family-Centered Maternity Care.
Products include a wide variety of UL, CSA, IEEE, MIL-SPEC, NEC, NEMA, ICEA, and IMSA cable, as well as custom cable and composite cable to meet special application requirements.
For those of you who have gone overseas or to underserved areas to help educate and protect pregnant women, we at ICEA honor your work.
For over 30 years, ICEA has had on the Board of Directors a Director of International Relations to identify our place in the global birthing community.