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ICEAInsulated Cable Engineers Association
ICEAInternational Childbirth Education Association
ICEAInvestigación Cooperativa Entre Entidades Aseguradoras (Spain)
ICEAInternational Center for Environmental Arts (est. 1987)
ICEAInternational Community Education Association
ICEAIowa Council for Early ACCESS
ICEAIntegrated Clinical Event Analysis (QinetiQ)
ICEAInteractive Computing Education Association (Hong Kong)
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cagA and iceA genes were visualized under ultraviolet light as shown in Figures 2, 3, and 4, respectively.
Sanna et al., "Clinical relevance of the cagA, vacA, and iceA status of Helicobacter pylori" Gastroenterology, vol.
Adherence to gastric epithelial cells induces expression of a Helicobacter pylori gene, iceA, that is associated with clinical outcome.
As president of ICEA, I understand that our members and I share those same passions.
The ICEA is a consortium established to monitor and certify companies that carry out their activities with respect for people and nature, ensuring workers rights to dignity and the rights of consumers.
Giovanni, author of The Concierge Manual (NewRoad Publishing; $29.95) and chairman of the International Concierge and Errand Association (ICEA).
International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) Annual Conference, September 13-16, 2007.
The cables are fully cam pliant to the ICEA outside plant cable standard and Telcordia GR-20-CORE Issue 2 requirements.
This assortment is made from raw materials produced under strict EU principles for organic foods, controlled and certified by the ICEA in Italy.
Make sure she/he is accredited by a recognized organization like Lamaze, ICEA (International Childbirth Educators of America) or Bradley.
Population genetics of Helicobacter pylori in the southern part of Switzerland analysed by sequencing of four housekeeping genes (atpD, glnA, scoB and recA) and by vacA, cagA, iceA and IS605 genotyping.