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The experimental tests on the engine were carried out on the AVL dynamic test bed, installed at the Politecnico di Torino ICEAL [35, 36].
The percentages of iceAl, iceA2, and iceA1/A2 positive in peptic ulcer patients were 6.25%, 12.5%, and 18.8%, respectively.
iceAl gene was present in 38.7% cagA positive cases, but iceA2 gene was present in 45.2% cagA positive cases.
pylori isolate, and the same technique was employed to establish presence or absence of cagE, cagA, iceAl, iceA2 babA2, and babB genes.
The thermal cycler program used consisted of the following steps: initial denaturation at 94[degrees]C for 3 min followed by 35 cycles of 30 seconds at 94[degrees]C (denaturation); 30 seconds at 58[degrees]C for cagA and glmM [24]; 30 seconds at 53[degrees]C for cagE; 48[degrees]C for babA2; 49[degrees]C for babB; 57[degrees]C for iceAl; and 48[degrees]C and for iceA2 all annealing steps, followed by 30 seconds at 72[degrees]C (extension step); and a final extension step was 3 min at 72[degrees]C [25].
The PCR-based amplification showed that the cagE, babA2, and babB positive strains had a prevalence of, respectively, 55.9%, 71.7%, and 61.3% in our cohort, whereas cagA, iceAl, and iceA2 were detected in, respectively, 70.6%, 42.2%, and 13.2% of the patients included in this study (Table 2).
Similarly, in this study the distribution of iceAl and clinical outcome was analyzed statistically and it was observed that the frequency of iceAl-positive isolates in NUD, PUD, and GC patients was 35.8%, 42.1%, and 100%, respectively.
It is apparent from our data that cagE, cagA, and iceAl are more common in patients with gastric cancer than in the other patient groups, whereas babA2 and babB alleles were absent in patients with GC.
We examined eight different combinations based on analysis of babA2, babB, and iceAl genotypes (positive and negative) in patients as a single genotype (Table 3).
Our results show that the prevalence of iceAl and iceA2 genes in isolates was 42.2% and 13.2%, respectively.
Our results showed the relation of babA2 and babB negative and iceAl positive genotype and the development of cases to gastric cancer was statistically significant.
A Moehwald Bosch hydraulic test rig, installed in the ICEAL laboratory at the Politecnico di Torino, was used to perform experimental hydraulic tests on the injection system and estimate the instantaneous in-cylinder injection rate [31, 32, 33, 34].