ICECInternational Conference on Evolutionary Computation
ICECInstitut Català de les Empreses Culturals (Catalan: Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries; Barcelona, Spain)
ICECInternational Conference on Electronic Commerce
ICECInternational Council for Exceptional Children
ICECInternational Conference on Entertainment Computing
ICECInternational Cost Engineering Council
ICECInternational Cryogenic Engineering Conference
ICECInternational Clean Energy Consortium (est. 1991; Switzerland)
ICECInternational Commodities Export Corporation (The Woodlands, TX)
ICECInstitute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants
ICECInternational Conference on Engaging Communities
ICECInternational Centre for Educational Change (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)
ICECIntercultural Communication in the European Context (Conference)
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Even though the number of visitors to the ICEC declined from 2014 to this year, Azrak argued that the market in the whole country has been growing by an average of 22 percent, while the same global figure is a mere 10 percent.
Backed by global industry leaders, ICEC brings together major players across the intelligent cities ecosystem under one roof.
Westley E, Rich S and Lawton H, The Unfinished Agenda: Next Steps to Increase Access to Emergency Contraception, New York: ICEC, 2014, <http://www.
Zuchowicki hopes to add one more floor to the DISCOP exhibition space next year for licensing and merchandising companies, and to reserve a brand new, nearby hotel (currently under construction) for participants, making the ICEC easier to reach.
While Catalonia production levels have remained healthy, funding at Catalonia's ICEC, the industry's main subsidy source, plunged 32% from 12 million [euro] ($16 million) in 2011 to $10.
Energy And Environment Foundation; Dr Osman Benchikh, Head, Renewable Energy Programme, UNESCO, France and Professor Gustav R Grob, President, International Clean Energy Consortium ICEC, Geneva.
This show will take place at the ICEC in Istanbul, Turkey.
Managing vulnerabilities of information systems to security incidents, in ICEC '03 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Electronic Commerce: 348-354.
A ICEC foi a maior beneficiada, com ganhos de 8,5%, seguida pela Toda do Brasil e Collem Mohallem, como ganhos de 7,5% e 6,7%, respectivamente.
ICEC Instituto Canario de Evaluacion y Calidad Educativa, Competencias basicas en las tecnologias de la informacion y la comunicacion (TIC).
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In ICEC '06: Proceedings of the 8th international conference on Electronic commerce, pages 519-529, New York, NY, USA, 2006.