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ICECAPSInteractive Computer Environment for Comprehensive Active Prediction System
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Scientists from the University of Miami have now found that these icecaps are melting, causing some coastal lands to rise by nearly one inch per year.
The eco warriors' campaign revolves around a new study which warns the world is now only five years away from the point of no return when the icecaps will melt and flood the planet.
After six years of research, scientists predict the average world temperature will rise by about three degrees by the end of the century - with potentially devastating consequences for melting icecaps and rising sea levels.
Equatorial icecaps in the Rwenzori Mountains of East Africa will disappear within two decades because of rising air temperatures, according to an RGS-IBG-funded study published last month in Geophysical Research Letters.
Our effect on the planet as rains fail, temperatures rise and icecaps melt.
In fact, glaciers in the Alps have been getting smaller since the late eighteenth century and the icecaps both in Greenland and Antarctica are currently causing concern because of the rise in the sea level that we would see around the world if they were to melt, including low lying coastal areas here in Wales
The pictures show plants, animals, birds and marine life from the deserts, mountains, lakes, icecaps and under the sea.
AI - it stands for artificial intelligence - is set in a time after the depletion of the ozone layer has melted the polar icecaps, leavinggreat tracts of the world under water.
The global C[O.SUB.2] level has fluctuated in the range of 200-280 parts per million (ppm) over the past 160,000 years, according to studies of historic records contained deep in icecaps and ocean sediments.
While bubbles in icecaps have yielded older samples of the atmosphere (SN: 9/29/84, p.205), they have been "minute amounts,' says Lester Machta, director of the U.S.
Worcester got two early goals from Bryan Lerg, then an empty-netter from Rylan Schwartz when IceCaps coach Keith McCambridge pulled goalie Connor Hellebuyck a little early.
He was the first person to reach the summit of Earth and have crossed both polar icecaps.