ICECIInternational Classification of External Causes of Injury
ICECIInternational Classification for External Causes of Injury
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The collected data was classified and coded as per the guidelines laid down under the WHO/CDC Injury Surveillance System and ICECI.
According to classification system ICD is the reference for diseases and hygiene situation and use it was very boring then developed countries regarding with two international classification systems by world health organization (WHO), ICD and ICECI, start to design and develop special national sport injury system [12, 11].
As regarding that the world health organization designed ICECI system for classification root and condition of injury and sport injuries are unintentional injuries and need to use system for 4-axis, type of activities, Place event, tools and injury mechanism.
CDCs Short Version of the ICECI, International Classification of External Causes of Injury APilot Test.USA:Center for Diseaes Control and Prevention.
Use of the ICECI and ICD-10 E--coding structures to evaluate causes of head injury and concussion from sport and recreation participation in a school population.
In addition, the International Classification of External Causes of Injury (ICECI) has been adopted and takes into account information registered on whether the incident was intentional or not, where it took place (data needed and used for geographic plotting and local reference), the means and the object that produced the injury, the activity in which the individual was engaged when the incident occurred, the relationship between the assailant and the victim (when applicable), and data on possible risk factors (such as alcohol or drug use and access to firearms) or protective factors (such as the use of a helmet or seatbelt) involved in the act (6).
To facilitate regional data sharing and coordination, minimum reporting variables should be based on international standards for data collection such as the ICECI (19).
International Classification of External Causes of Injuries (ICECI) [classification tool on the Internet].