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ICEDInternational Conference on Engineering Design
ICEDInternal Combustion Engine Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
ICEDInternational Congress on Education of the Deaf
ICEDIntegrated Computer Engineering Design
ICEDIonospheric Conductivity and Electron Density
ICEDInterprofessional Council on Environmental Design
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Iced cakes, sandwiches innumerable, coffee, claret-cup, champagne, remained almost intact: their overfed guests could do no more.
What causes respectable parents to take up their carpets, set their houses topsy-turvy, and spend a fifth of their year's income in ball suppers and iced champagne?
This excellent youth manufactures iced poison on Saffron Hill when he's at home.
Lady Wetherby, having got the Dance of Psyche out of her system, and replaced it with a glass of iced coffee, was inclined for conversation.
Lady Wetherby spilled her iced coffee; Lord Wetherby dropped the lamp of love.
This noble Refrigerator had iced several European courts in his time, and had done it with such complete success that the very name of Englishman yet struck cold to the stomachs of foreigners who had the distinguished honour of remembering him at a distance of a quarter of a century.
Days at the beach, afternoons by the pool and sips of refreshing iced coffee are some of the ways you can keep cool this summer.
Snapple prides itself on developing, producing and marketing a wide variety of premium beverages, including ready-to-drink iced teas, juice drinks, 100% vitamin-fortified juices and water.
A uniquely American twist to the world's most popular drink (after water), iced tea was first served at the 1904 World's Fair in St.