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At the showing I attended in Boston, people were eating popcorn, drinking Cokes and Icees, and eating pretzels, while we all sat in comfortable cushioned reclining chairs during the mayhem.
During the hot summer days, Chinese people like to eat "icee," a dish made from crushed ice with a flavored topping.
In this project, children actively discussed naming the icee shop, finally settling on "The Big Elephant Icee Store." Most of the 4-year-olds in this class knew the word "big," but did not know how to write the word "elephant." One child remembered that in the previous leisure time project, they played Chinese checkers.
This process gave children an opportunity to learn how to prepare different ingredients, such as cooking the green beans, the red beans and other ingredients to add as toppings on the icee. Children discovered that the length of time it takes to cook red beans is longer than the time it takes to cook green beans.
Parents and teachers from other classrooms were invited to the grand opening of the icee store.