ICEIIstituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale (Italian: International Economic Cooperation Organization; est. 1977; Milan, Italy)
ICEIInternational Conference on Emotional Intelligence
ICEIInternational Conference on Enterprise Information
ICEIIndex of Coincident Economic Indicators (New York State Department of Labor)
ICEIInternational Conference on Educational Innovation (Malaysia)
ICEIInstituto Comercial E Industrial (Portuguese: Industrial and Commercial Institute)
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About the Israeli-American Civic Education Institute: The Israeli-American Civic Education Institute ("ICEI") is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to empowering Israeli-Americans through civic engagement and advocacy education programs.
The inquiry was remanded to the Interdepartmental Committee on Employee Investigations (ICEI), established in 1943 to apply consistency to a growing caseload of federal employee inquires, and to adjudicate between employee rights and the federal government's tightening security interests.
(2006) BER Performance Evaluation PSD Analysis of Non-Coherent Hybrid MCM-LFSK OFDM Transmission system, IEEEE ICEI 2nd International on Energy Technologies, Pakistan.
But that, as they say, was then; we're not going to have more children, and so, as I stood in the shower the morning of my 41st birthdaythe race of my life half-run, less no doubt ahead of me than behind, one foot in the grave and the other on a slippery patch of iceI looked down and thought, Why?
After citing some of the most serious problems with ICEL translations and its manner of operating, Cardinal Medina "hereby directs the Statutes of the International Commission for English in the Liturgy be revised thoroughly and without delay," giving a six-month deadline for a new draft of ICEI's operating procedures to be submitted to the various dicasteries.
(2) Jose Antonio Alonso (Dir.), Cooperacion con paises de renta media, ICEI, Editorial Complutense, Madrid, 2007.