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"Iceni is an extremely well-located and well-appointed building, benefiting from excellent car parking and transport communications.
Dr John March, CEO at Iceni Pharmaceuticals, commented: We are excited by the prospect of repurposing cilengitide as a novel combination therapy for the treatment of multiple myeloma and building on its established safety profile to improve the clinical outcome and quality of life of patients.
Two additional models - the Iceni Magna fastback and Iceni Venturer estate - have also been unveiled by the Norfolk-based company.
There are also 39 bespoke manufactured components, including independent control of each car seat, though every Iceni can be built to specific customer spec.
Trident, a United Kingdom-based automaker, has launched its Iceni sports car globally.
The Iceni has a top speed of 190mph but more incredibly, can run for 2000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel - an astonishing combination of speed, power and fuel efficiency.
Boudica was an Iceni queen, having married the King of the Iceni tribe; she was reared as a princess of the Trinovantes tribe.
European independent business, product innovation and design consultancy Plextek announced on Tuesday that with mobile financial services investor RedCloud, the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Intellectual Property Rights of Iceni Mobile Ltd, a mobile services company.
Her husband Prasutagus, who had ruled the Iceni tribe as a nominally independent ally of Rome, left his kingdom jointly to his daughters and the Roman Emperor in his will.
Her growing maturity and confidence as she becomes immersed in the plight of the Iceni tribe is convincing and heartwarming.
According to experts, the structure, which almost looks modern, could be the work of the Iceni tribe.