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ICEPIntroduction to Chemical Engineering Processes
ICEPIndependent Committee of Eminent Persons (Volcker Commission; Holocaust bank accounts)
ICEPInvestimento, Comércio E Turismo (Portuguese: Investment, Trade and Tourism)
ICEPInternational Crimes Evidence Project (Sri Lanka)
ICEPIllinois College of Emergency Physicians
ICEPIncident Communications Emergency Plan (US FEMA)
ICEPInternational Cultural Exchange Programs
ICEPIdiopathic Chronic Eosinophilic Pneumonia
ICEPIntegrated and Concurrent Enterprise Planning
ICEPInteroperability Certification Evaluation Plan
ICEPInternational Camper Exchange Program
ICEPInternational Chief Emergency Physician
ICEPInformation Certification Evaluation Plan
ICEPInductive Coordination and Electrical Protection
ICEPInterface Control Electronics Package
ICEPInitial Election Coverage Period (US Medicare)
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The ICEP values are lower than under scenarios with (ISSM-MR and IP-MR) than without (ISSM and IP) advanced animal manure management.
In the five years since the killing fields of Mullivaikkal, a series of reports by various international bodies details precisely the forms of violence involved in the 'free execution' of the Lankan military's counterinsurgency tactics (ICEP 2014; ICG 2010; UN 2012; HRW 2013).
The ICEP said it had obtained testimony from unidentified new witnesses that members of the Sri Lankan security forces had destroyed forensic evidence after the conflict.
These questions led to investigations about use cases, architectures, and open research issues for intelligent CEP (iCEP).
The Mersey Forest is funded through a number of partnership funds from both local authority partners core funding, to project specific funding such as ERDF Objective 1 and ICEP funding or The Forestry Commission's Newlands funding from The Northwest Regional Development Agency.
For further information contact the Portuguese Tourism Office on 0845 3551212 or email
"We can't compete with other countries, like China, on price, so we produce a very high-quality product that costs a little more," said Isabel Oliveira, the project manager from AEP, the Portuguese business association that sponsored the booth with ICEP, the Portuguese trade commission.
There's huge potential in Portugal and it is something we have to convince the market of," offered Rui Abecassis, Deputy Trade Commissioner for ICEP Portugal.
Jan Vardaman, "Expansion of Wafer Level Wafer Packaging," ICEP Proceedings, Tokyo, April 2005.
still, one of the missions of the Portuguese Industrial Association, the Lisbon international Trade Fair FIL), and the Portuguese Trade Commission (ICEP) is to bring this artisan industry into the global playing field.
Fourth, various promotional campaigns, though managed by the public regulatory agency Instituto do Comercio Externo de Portugal (ICEP), suffered from small bad-timed investments.
The second was the Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP), formed pursuant to an agreement among the Swiss banks, the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO), and Israel's Jewish Agency.