ICEPAInstitute for Community, Ethnicity and Policy Alternatives (Victoria University; Melbourne, Australia)
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ICEPA. Sintese anual da agricultura de Santa Catarina-2009/2010.
First, it uses the voice of the international students to explore how Indian students themselves understand and explain the violence, creating knowledge about a critical education issue that complements the ICEPA research (Babacan et al.
In our study cultural differences were a major theme in the students' perceived reasons for the attacks; similarly, the ICEPA report found 'that racism or cross-cultural misunderstanding is one pervasive element in a mix of interrelated factors' (Babacan et al.
Nos custos variaveis, foram utilizados parametros em outubro de 2003 (ICEPA, 2003) (Tabela 2).
A producao de banana no Brasil, em volume, e superada apenas pela laranja; todavia, apresenta grande importancia na alimentacao, por ser o maior consumidor mundial, mesmo sendo o terceiro em producao (Icepa, 2002).
No Estado de Santa Catarina, o arroz e cultivado por aproximadamente 6.000 familias, numa area de 150.000ha, com uma producao anual que supera milhao de toneladas (ICEPA, 2005).