ICESCInternational Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
ICESCInternational Conference and Exhibition on Soilless Culture (farming technologies conference)
ICESCInternational Committee for European Security and Co-Operation
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It was the Fraser government that ratified the ICESC and the ICCPR which Whitlam had signed but not taken further.
In this story, we will see that through voter empowerment training, expanded use of technology, strategic promotion of early voting, and expansion of the electorate, along with inventive methods of activating voters, ICESC and its partners made such a contribution.
Augmenting this in 2006, the university approved establishment of the Institute for Civic Engagement and Social Change (ICESC), naming me as director.
ICESC partnered with several organizations around voter mobilization for the 2008 election, among them the North Carolina NAACP, Democracy North Carolina, North Carolina Common Cause, and Blueprint NC.
ICESC conducted workshops as part of the North Carolina NAACP's VEPREP (Voter Empowerment Protection Registration Education) project.
During these workshops, ICESC facilitators focused on efficient use of resources--people, time, and money.
Strategically, ICESC and its partners devoted significant time and resources to promoting the early voting period.
In the Durham community, ICESC worked with the NCCU student-led Civic Engagement Task Force, the NAACP, Common Cause, and other organizations to sponsor a March to the Polls.
Meanwhile, the NAACP, with assistance from ICESC, worked to make sure local communities were aware of this campaign.
This was certainly the case for ICESC and its partners, especially given the availability of data identifying the unregistered.