ICETIntegrated Common Entrance Test
ICETInternational Council on Education for Teaching
ICETInternational Center for Earth Tides
ICETInternational Conference on Emerging Technologies
ICETInternational Coalition to End Torture
ICETInformation, Communication and Electronic Technologies
ICETInternational Consultation on English Text
ICETIndustria Coostrizioni per l'Elettronica e le Telecommunicazioni (Italian)
ICETInternational Conference on Emerging Trends in IT Industry
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PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmad Akhtar has appreciated the efforts of director ICET in taking this initiative towards building a strong academic and research collaboration between the two universities.
Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC was chief guest on the occasion, while Dr Mansoor Ahmed, Vice Chancellor CUST, Prof Aamer Iqbal Bhatti, General Chair ICET and a large number of faculty members and students were also present.
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Swallows can then be classified as having complete esophageal transit (CET) if bolus entry was seen at the most proximal site, and bolus exit was recorded in all distal impedance measuring sites, or incomplete esophageal transit (ICET), if bolus exit was not identified at one or more of the distal impedance measuring sites [11].
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